My Story

My journey in life has always been guided by a very strong empowerment compass.  It didn't always feel this way however, and as the shamanic expression goes, I fit the description of the ‘wounded healer’ very well.   I had a very challenging childhood growing up in an environment where I didn’t feel safe, due to a lack of safe boundaries in my own family.  This was reflected in the wider community, growing up in a conflict zone of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. 
When I was only two years old, a precarious situation left me critically burnt by hot water and in hospital for 7 weeks with 2nd degree burns on 50% of my very small body.  Physical accidents continued to plague my childhood, the by- hazard of having a farm as your playground!  The most serious infringement on my boundaries was the sexual molestation I suffered when I was very young by an extended family member, an adult I was placed in the care of. 
In my culture, children were seen and not heard.  I grew up understanding that I needed to repress everything. It wasn’t ok to name it and express it.  This pattern of repression took seed and became the norm for me growing up.  So when anything did go wrong I pushed it down and ignored it, imaging by doing so it had gone away.  But of course, all that repression was piling up in my lower chakras, shutting down my sense of being, not knowing who I was and finding my identity in the experience and relationships of others.  My repressed sexuality meant a voice that didn’t own her own truth.    And so this pattern continued for almost 30 years of my life. 
As an adult, I hid behind academic qualifications, the credible relationships I held, and the professional job I had in international development, working on the human rights protection of others.  But behind all the masks, I was still a broken child who felt it deeply in her body and the more I ignored her, the sicker I got.  After a lifetime of treating this pain and suffering in my body at a plaster level, I was forced, through sickness, to seriously tackle the wounds of my past. 
This journey started in earnest over five years ago when I left my 'professional career' behind to begin a very different Shamanic journey in South America.  Here I went on a very deep and challenging experience of healing my body; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The repressed emotions of my childhood were finally expressed and with that, the releasing of old conditions & self-limiting beliefs that kept me trapped in my smallness. This process of release brought me the kind of freedom I had never experienced before.  My inner child, finally feeling heard, allowed me to come into a space of contentment and peace that was totally alien to me.  I finally knew what it FELT to feel safe in my body.  The difference between understanding this and feeling it at a visceral level is a whole other world, which I believe everyone should experience. 
Journeying inward not only freed me from my past, but also awakened me to my true soul calling, my path to purpose.  Peru had brought me into her vortex of earth energy to activate me into my true calling, working with the Earth energies for the collective healing.  It was here that my light body and earth body started to come into alignment and the rest is history! 
This activation has been steadily growing and developing since I returned to Ireland almost 2 years ago, allowing me to activate the ancestral energy of this magical land that I feel lucky and privileged to live and belong to. 
Turning the old saying, ‘childhood is the best days of our life’ around, my experience not only contests this as false but my new reality of being free from my past fears, conditions, limiting beliefs and blocks as well as has being increasingly activated by my light body ensures that these days of my adulthood are in fact the best in my life! I feel younger, more joyful, more creative, more expansive and most importantly, I feel empowered to fulfil my soul purpose and calling. 
This has brought me to the deepest sense of being that I’ve always longed for and what I want others to find in themselves. 
It is my calling to bring others on their own empowerment journey, which will be unique and individual to them and their experience as mine was to me. 
Let me use my life experience, and the expanded energies that I channel to bring you on this journey of a lifetime!