My Free Gift to You! 

As a truth seeker, visionary and pioneer I am passionate about bringing the new emerging truths of today from Ireland and around the globe.  That's why I have sought and continue to seek out experts in the realm  of occult knowledge, spiritual mysticism, & conscious awareness, covering a range of topics over a diverse range of work modalities and knowledge disciplines.       

Since launching this exciting podcast in Aug 19, I have had the lucky privilege to interview leading thinkers in their field of expertise, with topics including; Conscious Sexuality, Shamanic/ Indigenous Wisdom, Conscious Wealth, and Irish/ Celtic mysticism, etc.   These guest speakers continue to inspire me and I have no doubt they will do the same for you. 

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Golden Compass is published every Full Moon respectively. In this way we stay aligned to the truth of the higher mysteries at that time, weaving philosophy of the mind, with universal wisdom to create our own unique blend of monthly magic.