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The vernal equinox is a perfect opportunity to work the alignment of the earth and sun into a personal experience of natural union. Join Orla Quinn, teacher, shaman, light-worker in welcoming the birth of the light and lead us in the rituals of acquiring power.

The equinox provides a singular gateway to receive the power of light into your heart and activate your Universal Heart Consciousness. We have timed this heart-opening retreat for the 2019 Spring Equinox to witness the rising sun penetrate the heart of this magical land. As we journey to places of power, remembering the sacredness of this island, we open ourselves to the ancient wisdom held in the energy lines and vortexes of the three major sacred sites. This is a unique, spiritual and experiential tour. Emerald Spirit Retreat transports you to the land of the original Pharaohs! Join us as we unveil this mysterious chronicle while we lead you to unveil your soul story and claim your sovereignty. In this current global upheaval and separation, we have distanced ourselves from Earth and each other. Our ancestors see her as a living being that unites us. They know the importance and value of ceremonial living and harmony with the Earth. We are being called to REMEMBER and to embrace the awakening energies of Community, Co-Operation, Co-Creativity and Connection for ourselves and the planet. You can be a part of this week-long celebration of this powerful energy and ceremony.

This is a unique journey of transformation and transcendence, awakening the New Divine Kingship energy on the Hill of Tara* where the ancient High Kings where inaugurated, experiencing the divine masculine energy of the Equinox Sun penetrating the divine feminine energy of the Hill of the Witches of the Loughcrew Cairn,** and birthing the new Universal Heart Wisdom on the Hill of Uisneach,*** the sacred center of Ireland.


Plunked House, Co Meath, ROI

Historic Manse on hundreds of acres of parkland and gardens