If you are a wild, bold, sexy, sassy woman ready to remember & awaken your inner tantrica , join my apprenticeship  online coaching programme and collectively we can co- create a virtual temple worthy of a Priestess!

You are embarking on a
deep and powerful journey
and I am honored and
thrilled to be your guide!

We will be entering the exciting realms of sexuality within the shared consciousness of 
sacred sisterhood to co- creative our
dreams, visions, and goals in order to reach our
full individual potential.


What To Expect

Two 90 Minute Calls Per Month

 - Facilitated by Orla Quinn

- Energetic activations, wisdom teachings and holding space for group sharing

Closed Facebook Group

Personal Assessment & Accountability Form

I’m aware that everyone grows at different rates; some of us are wild horses that gallop through life, changing with the wind whilst some of us are grazing cows who meander at a leisurely pace digesting life in their own time without any rush.  Therefore to accommodate all horse and cow types, I suggest everyone commits to a year programme with me, but I only insist that you sign up to a 6 month programme initially.  After 6 months, it’s your choice to stay on board for another 6 months or leave, according to your own guidance at that stage. 

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Orla's biography

Orla is a qualified and experienced teacher and facilitator and has enjoyed a long career of doing both in the formal teaching sector and in international development. Since 2005, she has been learning and practicing energy and body work.  However her  most recent and profound path of development has focused on shamanic sexual wellness, being a graduate of ISTA (Institute of Temple Arts) which is committed to raising consciousness & sexuality education. 

"I believe that sexual energy is the foundation from which you live a healthy, creative and inspired life. You are created from the expression of this energy and however it is then expressed has a direct relationship to the quality of life and nourishment you experience everyday.

As an Irish Shamanic practitioner and coach I work with expanded energies to help people source themselves and clear their sexual  blocks so that they can live to their full creative potential, vitality & exuberant joy, empowered in their sovereignty.  

As a Shamanic priestess and ‘midwife of the soul’, I bring people on a deep transformational journey of death, re- construction and re- birth.  I ‘midwife’ people through the tantra path of transformational in a co- creative, collaborative way so that they are the authors of their own script, birthing the new them.  

Having gone on this journey myself, I am able to lead others back to their soul truth, their sexual freedom, their life purpose and ultimately, their illuminating joy." 

Together, we will go deep to strengthen your clarity and confidence in what your unique contribution is. You will gain the confidence, clarity, practice and support to take your gifts out into the world! We will unlock the soul purpose hidden within. We will clear old blocks and free up new visions, dreams and imaginings!  

This is a step of trust, of listening to your higher self and of answering the calling of your soul. It takes courage. And it is a great and deep joy! You honor yourself and the gifts you have been given. Even if you have been stuck, scared, broke, hopeless or just not ready, now you are here and now is your time.