Find your Tribe, Live your Purpose, Create your Temple!

Welcome to the Triskele Tribe Handbook!  

You are embarking on a deep and powerful journey and I am honored and thrilled to be your guide!


We will be entering the exciting realms of sexuality within the shared consciousness of 
sacred sisterhood to co- creative our dreams, visions, and goals in order to reach our full individual potential.

Together, we will go deep to strengthen your clarity and confidence in what your unique contribution is. You will gain the confidence, clarity, practice and support to take your gifts out into the world! We will clear old sexual and relationship blocks that hold you back to free up new visions, dreams and imaginings to make you a master co- creator. 

This is a step of trust, of listening to your higher self and of answering the calling of your soul. It takes courage. And it is a great and deep joy. You honor yourself and the gifts you have been given. Even if you have been stuck, scared, broke, hopeless or just not ready, now you are here and now is your time. 

As trainer & facilitator of this programme, I will hold your hand and your heart all the way and so will we do for each other. Working together as part of the online Triskele Tribe community of SiStars, we will be our wild, bold, sexy, sassy selves enjoying the fun as we develop our unique visions, manifest our calling and bring our visions into the world! 

Of course, as with all training programs, your results completely depend on you, on your level of participation and your commitment to this community and your own soul awakening journey.  To help you with this personal journey, I will send you an Assessment document to help you name your personal goals and expected outcomes for the programme ahead. This will help you map out your goals and outcomes which may shift and change as you engage in the programme. This road map will remind you why you joined, once you’re 6 months are up. 


So here’s the structure….


I’m aware that everyone grows at different rates; some of us are wild horses that gallop through life, changing with the wind whilst some of us are grazing cows who meander at a leisurely pace digesting life in their own time without any rush.  Therefore to accommodate all horse and cow types, I suggest everyone commits to a year programme with me but I only insist that you sign up to a 6 month programme initially.  After 6 months, it’s your choice to stay on board for another 6 months or leave, according to your own guidance at that stage.   You can sign up at any time as I have an open enrollment policy.  

To commit to this programme, sign below and click through for payment.  Once you're on board, I will send you an assessment document for personal goal setting plus the link to the facebook group to get you started.  You will also receive a schedule of the upcoming calls for the next 6 months from when you sign up.  


Monthly calls

The calls will take place twice per month on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month.  These fortnightly calls will be hosted on zoom, an online group video platform. Each call lasts for 90 mins and will be guided by me, where I will facilitate energetic activation's, wisdom teachings and holding space for group sharing.  Prepare to be activated to your soul wisdom during these calls so make sure you honour the space by negating all distractions during this time. Giving priority and commitment to this sacred time will deliver deeper results for you so this is where your responsibility comes into it.  The more you show up, the more doors you open to your soul calling.   

Facebook Group

To support you with the group process, we will use a private facebook group to connect outside of the fortnightly calls.  This platform will help build our community so that you can actively connect with each other.  I strongly encourage everyone to use this platform for you will see how important it is to your development once you commit to using it.  You all have special gifts to share and the facebook group allows you the opportunity to share your wisdom teachings and your gifts with the community as well as connecting with SiStars one- to- one where you feel a connection. You are all inspiring women.  Use this community to step into your power and share it!



I believe money is part of the Divine Feminine awakening and the new money virtues according to Corinna Steward, is that money is about service, truth, love & gratitude.  We are letting go of the old fear, scarcity and control over money.  So prepare to be open to these teachings to manifest your soul wealth.  


Price:  €250 per month

After you fill in your details below, click through for paypal payment.  

Paypal Terms

I authorise Orla Quinn to charge the agreed amount to my paypal or credit card provided upon initial payment. These payments are setup as a Paypal Subscription and will be billed monthly on the same date as the first payment. Funds will be removed monthly from the Paypal Account or connected card associated with the PayPal account. 


The significance of Now

In this Golden Age of Aquarius, we are being asked to find each other to co- create the New Order of the Feminine; the New Order of Money, of Power, of Leadership, of Business, of Relationship, etc.   We are being called to join minds, hearts and souls in sacred sisterhood to bring in the New Golden Age of the Feminine for all.   

Triskele Tribe Group Application