Is your relationships ready to

Sexually Evolve?



Once you have embodied these core principles, you will not only liberate your relationships but you can join me and be part of the new HEART CONSCIOUSNESS movement that, together we are co- creating on the planet today. 

Sexual Freedom

Online couple coaching programme

This is a three month online deep- dive programme  where I guide you to face your greatest fears that hold you back from realising your GREATEST SELF; whether that be intimacy, career or money blocks , I'm here to empower you to become the author of your new destiny.  

Sessions occurs twice per month on Zoom- an online video platform which is free to download.  Support is available in between sessions on social media where needed.  

Art of Intimacy

In person couple coaching and therapy programme

This is a three month personal one- to- one Sexuality Coaching In Person programme based in Athlone.

Allow me to design your  unique programme that will bring you to your next level of Sexual Maturity.  I have graduated many others in the areas of Conscious Sexuality & the Art of Intimacy
It's time to get to join the sexual revolution movement !

In person sessions occur twice per month- 2 x 150 mins.  A combination of life coaching and body work is expertly interwoven to ensure you reach your next stage of Sexual Evolution.

Conscious Relationships

Private Couple Retreats

These private exclusive couple retreats promise to give you both the luxury pampering your relationship is crying out for,

These are unique packages that we can co- create together to give you the most tailored private retreat for your needs.  


​What are these packages?

You get  to fast forward your sexual graduation in a 1 day full Master intensive or spend three days in a luxurious residential retreat where we fast forward to your phD level graduation.

"I have found Orla to be a wise, intuitive, grounded guide who has helped me to tap into my own power, knowledge and wisdom. She has reflected back to me information I have needed to hear and insights I have needed to internalise and integrate. She has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and break through barriers holding me back from claiming my voice, my power and leadership. She has helped me to open my heart more and to allow others to see the real me." 

 Becky Fowler

"From the first time I met Orla, I knew in my gut she was the person to help me.  But, like the way I always approached things I feared, I found reasons why I shouldn't approach her. I knew I needed to continue on my journey inward but didn't know the route to take. There were paths I didn't want to go down because they were too dark and difficult, blocked by barriers of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and fear of being judged.  I only got so far with myself but had to turn back.

Orla brought me into the dark waters of the soul to finally face my inner monsters.   Her capacity to hold space for me non- judgmentally and with a loving heart allowed me to grow in safety.  I am now able to look at the parts of me that held me back and kept me small, and with her guidance, they now belong in my light.

I know Orla has brought me on this heart- opening journey because of the courageous journey she has taken in her life.  She is now the guide for others to find inner peace, compassion and love.

I feel blessed to have had Orla as my guide on my path to helping me find my way."

Male client

"I sought Orla's one- to- one therapy for healing my relationship issues.  They were holding me back from being my true self and being honest with myself and my partner.

I received kindness, care and support during our sessions in which Orla provided a safe environment to do this important work together.

As a result of this work, I am more honest and open in my relationships with others and now true to myself and my own feelings."

Female Client 

We are one, afterall, you and I.  Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin